29 September 2021

Algeria and the current regional crises

In application of the People’s National Army communication plan of the year 2021, the Territory Air Defense Forces Command has organized, on September 29th, 2021, a conference entitled “Algeria and the current regional crises” held by Doctor DEBECHE Ismail, a political scientist and a specialist in public relations.
During his presentation, Dr Debeche has raised the issue of the regional environment and the complex security situation in the region that is due to politico-security issues, which constitute now a direct threat to Algeria. In addition to the preexisting conventional symmetric threats, precisely threats to Western borders; because of the expansionary and confrontational policy of the kingdom of Morocco, there are now new threats to the borders with the Sahel countries. As a result, the national security in Algeria is doubly at risk. Furthermore, the Doctor has emphasized the crucial role that Algeria is playing on the international stage and its effective contribution to the restoration of peace in the region and this thanks to the wise strategy adopted by the Algerian diplomacy in the international forums, as well as the internal stability assured by the State institution at their head, the People’s National Army.


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