31 October 2021

Celebration of the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the Algerian Revolution 1st November 1954

Within the framework of the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the algerian revolution, the Territory Air Defense Forces Command has elaborated a rich program which included:

- The ceremony of handing over ranks and medals The major general Amar AMRANI, the Territory Air Defense Forces Commander, chaired on october,31st,2021 this ceremony, where ranks and medals have been handed out to the promoted military and civilian personnel, in presence of General Officers and chiefs of the command structures of the Territory Air Defense Forces Command.

In a speech delivered on the occasion, the major general congratulated all the promoted and decorated executive, affirming that these promotions and these distinctions by medals, come in recognition of their laborious efforts and their perseverance in the edification and the modernization of the Territory Air Defence Forces Command.

- The flag raising ceremony After reading the declaration of November, 1st, 1954, and the odrer of Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, the national flag was flown at 00h00 at first November 2021. This was followed by a minute of silence in memory of our brave martyrs with the firing of 67 shots.


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