31 October 2021

of Mr.Major-General
Land Forces Commander
for the 67th Anniversary of the glorious
Liberation's Revolution Breakup

It is my great pleasure, as our country celebrates the 67th anniversary of the glorious Liberation's Revolution Breakup, to felicitate all the Land Forces personnel, Officers, NCOs, Men of Rank and civil personnel wishing them and their families and relatives my sincere congratulations and best wishes of health and wellness, praying to Allah the Almighty to grant us to relive this occasion with blessings and welfare, and to our precious country, prosperity and development, as well as, progress and advancement to our Land Forces and People's National Army.

The witnessing days of the glorious November Revolution that are characterized by the sacrifices and heroic acts of our brave ancestors so our country and people can be freed from the injustice and the oppression of the colonizer, making it an eternal epic that marked the modern history, and allowing Algeria to restore its splendor, freedom and independence. It is the source from which we derive bravery and chivalry to continue on the road our ancestors have set to defend our precious country and to secure its sovereignty and stability and to ensure dignity and safety to our people.

In this historical significant occasion, I would like to acknowledge the considerable efforts made by the personnel of the Land Forces on all counts, and their unwavering commitment towards their country and the Military institutions, and to commend their spirit of responsibility and total resilience to accomplish the missions assigned to them with vigilance and determination, and their endless devotion to the souls of Chouhada and the values of the Revolution, in facing the various threats that encounters our country, and protecting its borders from the remnants of terrorist groups, smugglers, illegal immigration and all forms of organized crime.

Exhorting all the Land Forces personnel to continue in their noble mission and maintain their operational readiness in its optimal state, and to keep working on improving their combat skills by carrying on their preparatory combat program, to acquire the power which is the only way to preserve the stability, security and prosperity Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon this country.

We have to give tribute and pray for yesterday's and today's Chouhada who have sacrificed their lives for freedom, and who have fallen in the field of honor so that Algeria remains free, independent and sovereign.

Long life for Algeria in safety and stability,
Glory and eternity to our brave Chouhada.

Mr. Major-General,
Land Forces Commander


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