17 November 2021

Dr. Mohamed Nasser Boughzala animates a lecture entitled
«The security and defence leanings of the Algerian Constitution»


Dr. Mohamed Nasser Boughzala, Professor of political sciences and international relations at the University of Algiers «03», animated on November 17th, 2021 a lecture for the Land Forces Command's personnel at the conference room of the Head Quarter/LFC, entitled: «The security and defence leanings of the Algerian Constitution», in which he tackled two points:

  1. The Ideal Theory (peace and security):
  2. - Peace for the sake of peace;
    - Peace by détente;
    - Peace via Non-Aligned Movement and focusing on development.

  3. The Pro-Power Theory (security leanings):
  4. - Peace by perpetual deterrence;
    - Peace by deterring aggression.


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