The Special Detachment of Intervention

         The special detachment of intervention is an elite unit that is charged with exceptional missions.

          The proliferation of crime and dangerous groups are responsible for the instability of nations in terms of security, economic, and politics which threaten the states foundations.

          Thus, international terrorism and crime in its all forms constitute a new kind of risks that threaten the future time.

         The complexity of the criminals world and their ability to develop and adapt their operational modes with the new technology pose an acute problem for the security of persons and their properties.

          No one can ignore the prominent role played by security services in this field .for Algeria; it has paid a particular attention to mobilize all means in recent years to fight these scourges. Thus and for this purpose, the elite units were created as a Special Detachment of Intervention of National Gendarmerie.      

  The special detachment of intervention was created to confront the increasing crimes and criminals, especially in its mode of action because it provides opportunities for appropriate intervention and additional tactical capabilities.

          Since its creation on 1989, the special detachment of intervention has continued to evolve because of the multitude of its missions that were conferred, and what was observed there was a change in its workforce and personnel.

         Its emancipation has revealed new needs, so the emergence of additional means .in addition to its operational character it has a formative missions as well.       


         In addition to its traditional missions of public order keeping, the special detachment of intervention is also tasked with:

  • The neutralization of rabid and criminals;
  • The participation in the judicial police operations;
  • Escorting and transporting dangerous prisoners;
  • Close protection and escort of VIPs;
  • Fighting banditry and terrorism.