National Gendarmerie

Actualities | 07th May 2020 :

The National Gendarmerie Commander presides over the naming ceremony of the Equipment Central Establishment of Sidi Moussa in the name of the martyr “RAMDANE BEY Abdelkader.

     On the occasion of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the massacres of May 8th , 1945 and as part of the execution of the instructions of the People's National Army High Command, baptizing the structures and units of the PNA in the names of martyrs and veterans of the glorious National Liberation War, General ARRAR Abderrahmane, Commander of the National Gendarmerie proceeded, on May 7th, 2020, to the naming of the headquarters of the Equipment Central Establishment of Sidi Moussa in Martyr ”RAMDANE BEY Abdelkader, in the presence of executives from the National Gendarmerie Command, and local military, security and administrative authorities.


     During this ceremony, the National Gendarmerie Commander unveiled the new name plate, officially baptizing the unit it in the name of the brave martyr "RAMDANE BEY Abdelkader". At the end, symbolic presents were also offered to the Chahid’s family members.


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