National Gendarmerie

Actualities | 28th October 2020 :

The National Gendarmerie sets up a special plan on the occasion of the celebration of Mawlid Ennabaoui.

     The festivities of the Mawlid Ennabaoui for the year 1442 of the Hegira, corresponding to the year 2020, will take place in the unprecedented conditions experienced by the world as well as Algeria because of the spread of the Covid-19. Thus, the country's higher authorities have taken a series of preventive measures aiming to deal with this pandemic in order to ensure the safety of citizens and protect public health.
    Therefore, within the framework of these exceptional conditions and in order to guarantee an atmosphere of security for the citizens so that they can celebrate this holiday in a climate of peace and tranquility, the National Gendarmerie Command has set up a special security and prevention plan for this occasion in order to secure all the spaces where the celebrations will take place as well as the road network located in its area of jurisdiction. All the necessary security measures have been taken by setting up security formations responsible for guaranteeing effective control of the territory and by establishing a permanent and continuous presence on the field.

     The National Gendarmerie plan set up on this occasion is based on outreach work and the promotion of public service. Thus, a series of procedures have been undertaken on the field to combat trafficking of pyrotechnic products in order to protect public health. Mobile patrols have also been stepped up to ensure a quick and efficient response when needed.

     The National Gendarmerie puts at the service of citizens, a toll-free number (1055) to be able to ask for assistance or intervention in case of need, as well as the “Tariki” website or its Facebook page to inquire about the state of the roads, in addition to the website for pre-complaints and remote information “”.
    Finally, the National Gendarmerie Command is pleased to warmly congratulate all Algerian citizens on the occasion of Mawlid Ennabaoui and calls upon them to observe the preventive measures taken by the country's high authorities and to respect the safety and public health rules.


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