National Gendarmerie
security and intervention sections
    The phenomenon of insecurity remains linked to the continuous growth of global violence, which is particularly manifested by street crime (thieft, burglary, destruction and degradation of property), banditry and the emergence of high crime areas especially on the outskirts of large cities.
    This situation requires special security treatment that takes into account the forms of this violence.
Establishment of Security and Intervention Sections
    The security and intervention sections are means developed by the Command of the National Gendarmerie to consolidate the system of fight against insecurity and violence deployed at the territorial grouping level.


    The role assigned to the security and intervention sections is to carry out permanent and continuous security actions in areas where insecurity is rampant, and where proliferate delinquency and banditry, and public security order and maintain a deterrent effect through their presence.
    These preventive actions are supplemented by powerful interventions adapted to the most unpredictable situations, to protect people and their properities, restore a disrupted order or annihilate any aggression against the citizens and proceed to the arrest of their authors.
    The exercise of these missions consists in:
  • Execute, permanently and continuously, an action of surveillance, control and security throughout the jurisdiction assigned to it.
  • Provide preventive action against delinquency and banditry, particularly in areas of criminal violence.
  • Put out of harm way dangerous individuals threatening the safety of people and property.