The opening of the preparation year to the fight 2021/2022 of the Republican Guard Command

In implementation of the annual directive of forces preparation, emanating from the People's National Army Staff High Command, Mister General of Army, Republican Guard Commander, chaired on October 03th 2021, at the 3th Motorized Regiment of Intervention "Chahid Ahmed Rezzig", the opening ceremony of the preparation year to the fight 2021/2022, under the slogan "Sacrifice, fidelity and Loyalty" with the participation of the whole of structures and units of the Republican Guard.


In his speech, Mister General of Army highlighted the importance to make more efforts for a good preparation year to the fight, as well as the continuous staff training and the interoperability of the equipment that should ensure a perfect execution of missions and activities entrusted to the Republican Guard Command.

The ceremony of this year included the execution of several activities, namely:

  • - The screening of a film entitled "the annual review of the different activities of the Republican Guard Command of the year 2020/2021 ";

  • - The executed activities, the general assessment of the previous year of instruction, as well as the preparations for the current training year and the objectives set.


In addition, workshops and spaces dedicated to the means and forces made available, have been organized, especially the music workshop, the explosive expert’s equipment, the protection of the staff’s intervention equipment and the light armored vehicles NIMR-2.

Thereafter, Mister General of Army, Republican Guard Commander, inspected the different workshops organized on this occasion, as he attended the exhibitions, specialized exercises and sports exhibitions executed by the staff of the different units of the Republican Guard, who showed a high degree of availability and professionalism in control of the equipment available to them.

In this context, Major General encouraged the participants in order to make more efforts to raise the Republican Guard to the rank of elite and excellence.




The organization of this activity reflects the sustained interest of the High Command of People's National Army on the instruction and the fight preparation, in order to carry out the actions and missions assigned with loyalty towards the commitments, requiring perfect execution of duties, which allow to defend and preserve the sovereignty of our homeland against any vile attempt that aim to jeopardize the security of the State and the stability of our nation.


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