Universal Children's Day
Children with special needs welcomed by the Republican Guard

Within the framework of the implementation of the communication plan for the year 2021/2022, approved by Mister Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of People's National Army, and based on the importance it confers to the different fringes of society, especially the category of strong willed children and coinciding with the celebration of the Universal Children's Day, the Republican Guard Command organized, on June 01, 2022, at the 11th Cavalry and Escort Regiment, open doors for the benefit of strong willed children, coming from the wilayas of Algiers, Chlef and Tizi-Ouzou.

The Republican Guard Command has always committed itself to organize such activities annually, with the aim of bringing joy and cheerfulness to the hearts of children, especially those with special needs, and highlighting the role of the horse in their lives, through following a psychotherapeutic treatment through horseback riding, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven, especially because it consolidates the child's self-confidence, which allows him or her to integrate into the society.



The program of this activity included the organization of several workshops, namely, the coloring workshop, the horse riding workshop, the pony workshop, and the horse therapy workshop, equestrian exhibitions as well as the interpretation of musical scores from the authentic national heritage.

During this solidarity activity, the Republican Guard Command highlighted the success of this outreach action in more than one way, notably by the fact that it made available all the human and material means for its success, because contributing to the happiness of innocence is a real pleasure; so what can be said about their care and cure ?


At the end, and under the command of Mister Major-General, Inspector of the Republican Guard, a lunch was offered in honor of the children and their companions, who were offered symbolic gifts, and souvenir photographs were taken on this occasion.

In their impressions, the guests expressed their joy for this day which will always remain engraved in their minds, expressing their thanks to the Republican Guard Command for this commendable initiative.


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