The Republican Guard Command organizes the Military Numerical Race of 2020-2021

In implementation of the annual program of nationals and internationals military sport activities of 2021/2022, approved by the High Command of People's National Army and like the other Force Commands, the number race took place on October 07th, 2021, at the Headquarter of the Republican Guard Command. The kick-off was given by Mister-Major General, Inspector of the Republican Guard.


This race is considered as one of the national military activities, which aims to assess the physical and sport preparations. This sport manifestation knew a large competition between the participants of all age and gender categories, and was distinguished by the perfect organization.


It should be noted that the organization of this kind of competitions reflects the interest of the High Command in the revitalization of the sport practice among the staff, in order to improve their physical capacities.

At the end, awards were given to the winners in an atmosphere marked by spirit of brotherhood and cohesion among the participants.




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