The opening of the scholar year 2022/2023 at the School of Music of the Republican Guard Command

Mister Major-General, Republican Guard Inspector, chaired on September 22nd, 2022, the ceremony of the opening of the scholar year at the School of Music of the Republican Guard Command.

The opening ceremony started with the square inspection of the trainees and teaching staff at the place of arms. After that, the School Commander made a speech, through which he welcomed Mister Major-General and the accompanying delegation, followed by making a presentation about the School of Music, its activities and the classic training sessions for the benefit of trainees, namely; the 2nd Professional Military Certificate and the Military Patent with its different degrees and the new training course adopted within the School, as well as the certificate of Specialized Studies in music, specialties of instrumentalist and instrument repairman.


Afterward, Mister Major-General Republican Guard Inspector, made a speech through which he highlighted the importance of the military music in honors and official ceremonies, as well as the important role that this training system plays within this scientific center, whose objective is to carry the torch of military music and preserve our civilizational heritage, before announcing the official opening of the school year 2022/2023, urging all the personnel on the need to make more effort in order to remain always at the rank of elite and excellence.


Then, Mister Major-General and the accompanying delegation visited the Educational Complex and its various workshops held for this occasion, and attend a musical show presented by the student trainees.

At the end of the visit Mister Major-General signed the gold register of school.

It should be noted that the Republican Guard Command provided all human and materiel resources for the benefit of the School in order to allow it to run the school year in good conditions.


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