Celebration of the 59th anniversary of Independence and Youth Day by the Republican Guard Command

In commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the Independence and Youth Day, the Republican Guard Command and like the other structures and units of the Ministry of National Defence, has celebrated this occasion through the development of a program, rich and varied, including historical lectures, addressing the Glorious Revolution of Liberation and suffering of our brave people during the recovery of national sovereignty, cultural and intellectual sporting competitions were organized, photographic exhibitions were sitting up and patriotic songs were screened.

The program was carried out by the various units of the Republican Guard during the period from 1st to 6th July, 2021.

In accordance with the missions assigned to the Republican Guard Command, our formations took part in the ceremony of remembrance of Mister President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence who laid a wreath of flowers at the level of Maqam Echahid in memory of the Chouhada of the liberation revolution. Also, other formations of the Republican Guard took part, on the evening of the same day at the Army’s National Circle in Beni Messous at the ceremony of exchange of greetings, presided over by Mister Lieutenant General, Vice-Minister of the National Defence, Chief of the People's National Army Staff in honour of high-ranking, active and retired National Army officials and national figures, in the presence of senior officials of the People’s National Army, active and retired, and high officials of the State and Moudjahidin. During this ceremony, the musical group of the Republican Guard performed the national anthem. Subsequently, the present watched a documentary movie made by the Directorate of Communication, Information and Orientation/PNAS, under the theme: "Algeria, land of dignity and pride”. The ceremony was then closed with magnificent fireworks.


This occasion was an opportunity to rememorize the glory and bravery of our people who, through the centuries, have paid the heavy price so that live free and independent Algeria. It is also an opportunity to glorify our valiant Chouhada and valiant Moudjahidin for their struggle and sacrifice that led to the liberation of the homeland. On this occasion, the annual ceremony of ranks and medals awarding to the promoted staff of the Republican Guard Command was held on 4th July 2021, under the aegis of Mister General of Army, Republican Guard Commander, in presence of senior officers of the Republican Guard Command.

This ceremony offered an opportunity for Mister General of Army, Republican Guard Commander to renew his congratulations and best wishes to all the staff, urging them to evoke the values of the independence day, full of meanings and scopes.



These activities are part of the centuries-old traditions of the National People's Army aimed at preserving the national memory, through the valorization of the key dates of our glorious history, and the sustainability of heroic deeds of our valiant martyrs and Moudjahidin.


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