The national endurance competition The riders of the Republican Guard Command distinguished

The Equestrian Pilot Farm Chaouchaoua located in Tiaret host, during the 5th and 6th November 2021, the national endurance competition, with the participation of many sports clubs.

The Republican Guard Command team participated in this competition with thirteen 13 duets, from a total of twenty-eight (28) representing the clubs of Tiaret and Oran. The competition between the riders was tough and fierce. The Republican Command riders won the first places, which reflect the high level reached by our riders.


For the 20 km competition, the rider Sergeant First Class Mimoune Ali on the horse “Djamel El Khayl” won the first place, ahead of his colleague the rider, Staff Sergeant Ben Yahia Fahd, ranked the second place on the horse “Dounia”, while the 5th place was ranked by the rider Sergeant Mouaysia Djamel on the horse “Diar El Bahri”.

For the 40 km competition, the first place was ranked by the rider, Sergeant Hachani Lamri on the horse “Biskri”, just before the rider Lance Corporal Chihane Bilel, ranked the 3rd place on “Baghdadia”, and the Sergeant First Class Bechkit Mohamed who won the 4th place on the horse “Nibras El Misk”.

At the end of the competition, the winners were rewarded with cups and medals, and a symbolic trophy was given to the Republican Guard Command for its efforts to promote the equestrian sport, in general, and the endurance, in particular.



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