Graduation ceremony at the Music School of the Republican Guard Command


Mister Major-General, Inspector of the Republican Guard headed, on 21th June 2022, the graduation ceremony of Republican Guard Command’s Music School, located in Lido.

Mister Major-General followed a brief presentation on the graduating classes and the training provided, before proceeding to the review of the classes. Thereafter, the School Commander delivered a speech, through which he welcomed the guests, congratulating the new graduates and emphasizing the quality of the training programs provided, in accordance with the pedagogical methods adopted.

The graduating classes are:

  • The 5th promotion of the Professional Military Certificate Degree 2, music specialty;
  • The 5th promotion of the Military Patent Professional Degree 2, music specialty.



The ceremony continued with the taking of the oath by the graduating students and the awarding of ranks and diplomas, followed by the passing of the national emblem between the outgoing and the incoming classes, considered as a long-standing military tradition that denotes the perennially of the message of protection and defense of the homeland as well as the succession of generations.

The outgoing promotion was named "Chahid Bousaadia M'hamed".

This ceremony was attended by the family of the Chahid who was honoured on the occasion. The family expressed its joy and gratitude to the People’s National Army, in general, and to the Republican Guard, in particular.


In addition to the sports and military exhibitions, this ceremony included the interpretation of musical scores by the trainees and personnel of the harmonic orchestra of the School, demonstrating the enormous potential of the personnel of this important training structure of the Republican Guard.

At the end of the ceremony, Mister Major-General, Inspector of the Republican Guard, proceeded to the signing of the golden book of the School.


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