Graduation ceremony at the Republican Guard Training Centre in Laghouat/4th MR


Mister General, Commander of the Air Base located in Laghouat/4th Military Region presided over, on June 22, 2022, the graduation ceremony of the 2021-2022 school year, at the Training Centre of the Republican Guard Chahid "Katal Ahmed".

This ceremony began with the reception of Mister General in the hall of honor, where he attended a brief presentation on the Training Centre by the Commander of the Centre, before proceeding to the review of the squares participating in the parade. Then, the Commander of the Centre made a speech where he underlined the efforts made by the trainees, exhorting them to show discipline and dedication in carrying out their missions, before allowing the outgoing promotion to take an oath, an oath of commitment to national duty and loyalty to the message of our valiant Shouhada.



This ceremony saw the awarding of diplomas and grades to the laureate students of the different arms, and then the passing of the Centre's standard between the outgoing and the incoming classes. The outgoing promotions named “Chahid Belboul Ahmed" are the following:

  • - The 20th promotion of the Military patent Professional, degree 2, mounted infantry;
  • - The 31st promotion of the Military patent Professional, degree 1, mounted infantry;
  • - The 20th promotion, trainees of the Professional Military Certificate, degree 2, mounted infantry.



It should be noted that the ceremony was characterized by the execution of majestic military parades organized by the graduating formations on a military music rhythm, distinguished by coherence, a high level of mastery and high competence, fruits of the efforts made throughout the past school year.

At the end, the ceremony was closed by honoring the family of the Chahid in a joyful atmosphere with the taking of souvenir photos and the signing of the golden book of the Centre by the supervisor.


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