Official Statement of MND
10th August 2021

Press release from the Ministry of National Defense

     Further to the arson attacks declared in the 1st Military Region, particularly in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou, and in the 5th Military Region, particularly in Béjaïa, all human and material resources were deployed, from the first hours, with the intervention of the sappers- firefighters of the civil protection and detachments of People's National Army, particularly in the locality of Ichelladhen, between the commune of Ain El-Hammam and of LabâaNath-Irathans in the wilaya Tizi-Ouzou, as well as in Béjaia in Tala Hamdoun.

     Following these interventions, the Ministry of National Defense deplores the loss of eighteen (18) combatants, including one (01) gendarme, belonging to a detachment of the 57th light Infantry Battalion, stationed in Ichelladhen, and six (06) burned whose condition is more or less serious. In addition, it is to be deplored seven (07) other chouhada having succumbed to their wounds, four (04) burned in serious condition and four (04) suffering from light burns, falling under the 4th Autonomous Infantry Battalion, stationed in Tala Hamdoune in the wilaya of Béjaïa in the 5th Military Region, whose intervention allowed the saving of one hundred and ten 110 citizens between men, women and children from the flames.

     In these painful circumstances, the Lieutenant General CHANEGRIHA Saïd, Chief of Staff of People's National Army addresses, in his name and on behalf of all the personnel of the People's National Army, his sincere condolences to the families and the relatives of the Chouhada as well as to the entire military institution, praying to Allah the Almighty, to grant the deceased Chouhada His Holy Mercy, to welcome them in His Vast Paradise among the martyrs and the valiant saints and to grant their loved ones all the courage and strength in this painful ordeal, and wishing speedy recovery to the injured.

     The People's National Army remains mobilized alongside its fellow citizens until the fires are completely extinguished.


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