Official Statement of MND
31st March 2021

Operational report of PNA from 24th to 30th March 2021

      Within the dynamics of the efforts aiming to establish security and serenity throughout the national territory, units and detachments of People's National Army carried out, during the period from 24th to 30th March 2021, several operations, with the results that denote the high professionalism and unwavering commitment of our Armed Forces to preserve and to protect our country against all forms of security threats and related scourges:

      Within the framework of the fight against organized crime and as a continuation of the intense efforts to eradicate drug trafficking scourge in our country, combined detachments of PNA intercepted, in coordination with the various security services in numerous operations executed through different Military Regions, (33) drug traffickers and seized large quantities of treated kif amounting to (16) quintals and (74.5) kilograms, which the criminal gangs attempted to introduce across the borders with the Morocco.

      As such, detachments of PNA and National Gendarmerie services and Border Guards arrested, during separate operations in the territories of the 2nd and 3rd Military Regions, (13) drug traffickers including (01) of Moroccan nationality and seized (14) quintals and (38.5) kilograms of treated kif, while (20) drug traffickers were apprehended and (236) kilograms of the same substance, as well as (29,204) psychotropic tablets were seized in various operations carried out in other Military Regions.




      In addition, detachments of PNA intercepted, in Tamanrasset, In Guezzam, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Djanet and In Amenas, (455) individuals and seized (27) vehicles, (356) generators, (145) jackhammers, detonation tools and other equipment used in illegal gold mining operations, as well as (19.3) tonnes of raw gold and stones mixture and (5.25) tonnes of foodstuffs, while (12) other individuals were arrested, and (11) hunting rifles, (02) automatic pistols, (2,309) hunting rifle cartridges, (1,900,800) units of pyrotechnic items , (432) smart phones, (23,250) units of tobacco were seized during separate operations carried out in Ouargla, El-Oued, Ghardaia, Djelfa, Tipaza and Tiaret. Likewise, smuggle attempts of large quantities of fuel amounting to (19,389) litres were foiled in Tebessa, El-Tarf, Souk Ahras, Ouargla and Tindouf.

      In another context, Coast Guards thwarted illegal emigration attempts and rescued (197) individuals who were on board craft-built boats in Chlef, Tipaza, Oran, In Temouchent, Mostaganem and Tlemcen, while (155) illegal immigrants from different nationalities including (10) of Moroccan nationality were apprehended in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Adrar, Tlemcen, El Bayadh and In Amenas.



Operation Events Report
Borders security and fight against smuggling and organized crime Arrest of drug traffickers 33
Seizure of treated kif (kg) 1674.5
Seizure of psychotropic tablets 29,204
Arrest of people (within smuggling illegal gold mining) 467
Seizure of fire guns 13
Seizure of hunting rifle cartridges 2,309
Seizure of jackhammers 145
Seizure of generator sets 356
Seizure of pyrotechnic items (unit) 1,900,800
Seizure of tobacco (unit) 23,250
Raw gold and stones mixture (tonne) 19.3
Seizure of vehicles 27
Seizure of fuel (litre) 19,389
Seizure of smart phones 432
Seizure of foodstuff (tonne) 5.25
Fight against illegal immigration Illegal emigration candidate 197
Arrest of illegal immigrants from different nationalities 155

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