18th March 2021

Central Army Museum... Celebration of the Victory Day Anniversary March 19th, 1962

      Within the framework of the festivities commemorating the 59th Anniversary of the Victory Day, and in execution of the orientations of the High Command of the People’s National Army, relating to the valorisation of the national history and the importance of its teaching to the young generations through the celebration of the various national celebrations and days, the Central Museum of the Army "late President Chadli Ben Djedid"/1°MR sheltered, today March 18th, 2021, festivities commemorating the Victory Day.


      The program of the celebration saw the organization of a historical colloquium animated by university teachers, testimonies of Moudjahidine, the organisation of an exhibition of historical photographs, the projection of a historical documentary film, and this, with the presence of students from various military and civil schools.



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