Official Statement of MND
12th November 2021

The Lieutenant-General Saïd CHANEGRIHA, Chief of Staff of PNA on a working and inspection visit to the Renovation Establishment of car’s Materials 1st MR

      The Lieutenant General CHANEGRIHA Saïd, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, carried out this Friday, 12th November 2021, a working and inspection visit to the Renovation Establishment of Car’s Materials of Dar El-Beida 1st Military Region.


      This visit is within the framework of the monitoring, by the PNA’ High Command, of support establishments performances, in particular those specializing in car renovation, design and production of intendancy equipment.


      The visit saw the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defense, the Forces Commanders, the National Gendarmerie Commander, the 1st Military Region Commander, the Chiefs of the Departments of the General Staff of PNA and the Ministry of National Defense, as well as the Army’ General Controller and Central Directors.

      After the welcoming ceremony, the Lieutenant General followed a presentation by the Central Director of Equipment, then he held a meeting with the executives and staff of the Renovation Establishment of car’s Material’s, where he delivered an orientation address, through which he stressed on the fact that in order to fight effectively the wars of the new generation, it is necessary to carefully read again the history of our country:


      "On this occasion, which comes after few days of the celebration by our country of the 67th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of 1st November 1954 outbreak, I would like to emphasize that colonialism, in its new manifestation, knew that the direct confrontation with the people is no longer effective and costs it enormous losses, especially human losses, which its public opinion is no longer accepted.

      It turned, then, to other forms of confrontation, which go beyond the classic forms of war, with the aim of shattering the adversary's will to resist.

      Thus, and to fight effectively against this new form of war, it is up to us to carefully reread the history of our country, to have an overview of the methods of this new, but also old, operating mode, and to deduce the means of retaliation ”.

      The lieutenant General underlined that French colonialism adopted the methods of psychological warfare from the beginning of the occupation, in order to force the Algerian people to abandon all forms of resistance:


      “In this wake, historians are unanimous on the recourse of French colonialism to the psychological warfare methods, from the beginning of colonization, notably through the ruse and the propagation of the idea according to which the occupation of Algeria, by France, aimed to contribute to the civilization of its population, that the French army is an invincible army. As a result, it is unnecessary to face it and the salvation of the people lies in submission and abandonment of all forms of resistance.

      This situation remained so until the appearance of young nationalists, who were very early aware of this deceit, and who were convinced, especially after the Massacres of 8th May 1945, that what is taken by force cannot be restored only by force.

      As a result, these heroes worked to eradicate these harmful ideas from the minds of Algerians and to awaken in them the sense of resistance, by spreading the idea that colonialism is not fatality for Algeria and that it is possible to fight it, to defeat it and to restore the glory of the Nation, on condition that the Algerian has confidence in himself and has the spirit of initiative and free action ”.

      The Lieutenant General underlined that in order to defeat this kind of new wars, it is imperative to follow the example of our ancestors:

      "We must follow the example of these brave heroes, to face this kind of new wars, by strengthening our national unity, by working to highlight all that unites us and by banishing all that divides us, while regaining confidence in our abilities and aptitudes, because every time we have had confidence in ourselves and believed in our abilities we have performed miracles.

      It is about preserving the legacy of our valiant Chouhada and contributing effectively to the building of New Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense ".


      Subsequently, the Lieutenant General, inspected the various workshops of the Establishment, like the vehicle renovation workshops. He also inquired about prototypes of the intendancy equipment, designed and produced with the contribution of the Central Directorate of Intendancy, where he urged the managers, executives and employees of this important establishment to work, without release, to promote the chain of technical and logistical support to the expected level, to ensure that this industrial building is a link of successful achievements and to achieve the objectives for which it was realised.




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