Official Statement of MND
01st November 2021

The festivities commemorating the 67th anniversary of the 1st November Glorious Revolution outbreak

      Within the framework of the 67th anniversary commemoration of the 1st November 1954 Glorious Revolution outbreak, the Ministry of National Defence has developed a rich program of activities including various photographic exhibitions, historical film screenings, colloquiums, conferences, cultural and sports competitions, as well as the baptism of some structures of People's National Army in the names of our valiant Chouhada and valiant Mujahedins. In this wake, gatherings of People's National Army personnel were organized the day before 1st November, where the national emblem was hoisted, with the observation of a minute’s silence in memory of our Chouhada, to read the agenda of the Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of People's National Army through which he recalled the great sacrifices given by the Algerian people for the recovery of the national sovereignty and emphasizing the need to preserve this precious achievement and work to face the desperate attempts adopted by today's enemies.








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