Official Statement of MND
16th October 2021

Lieutenant General Said CHANEGRIHA, Chief of Staff of the PNA, presides over the ceremony in honour of the military selection members who participated in the Counter-Terrorism joint exercise in Russia

      The Lieutenant General presided over a ceremony in honour of the Land Forces military formation members who took part in the joint tactical anti-terrorism exercise carried out from 30 September to 12 October 2021 in the Russian Federation.

      The ceremony took place in the presence of the Forces’ Commanders, the National Gendarmerie and the 1st Military Region’s Commander, as well as the Army’s Controller General, the Heads of Departments, the Directors and Heads of Services of the Ministry of National Defence and the PNA General Staff.


      During this ceremony, the Lieutenant General, in his speech, congratulated the participants for the commendable efforts they made with determination and loyalty, doing honour to themselves and to the People’s National Army and Algeria, as well as for the honourable image they conveyed by their distinguished participation:


      “It is a great pleasure for me to meet you today, following your return from your participation in the execution of the joint anti-terrorist exercise with the Russian Army, entitled: «Tactical anti-terrorist exercise of the Land forces for the year 2021», which took place in the south of the Russian Federation, from 30 September to 12 October 2021. On this joyful occasion, I offer you my warmest congratulations for the immeasurable efforts you made with determination and loyalty, honouring yourself, the People's National Army and Algeria, by demonstrating, during your participation in this exercise, a high level of combat readiness and a great capacity to master the use of the various weapons and techniques used in the fight against terrorism.

      The prestigious image that you conveyed by this distinguished participation reflects unquestionably the reputation enjoyed internationally by the People’s National Army, in particular through its leading experience in the field of counter-terrorism, which has now become a world reference and an example to follow”.

      Lieutenant General recalled that these satisfactory results are not fortuitous, but rather the results of great sacrifices made by our valiant men during long years of struggle. These sacrifices allowed the PNA to accumulate a substantial capital of experience in the fight against terrorism and anti-subversive:

      “It should also be brought to mind that these satisfactory results are not fortuitous, but rather the fruit of great sacrifices, made by our valiant men during long years of struggle. Sacrifices that enabled the People’s National Army and the security services to acquire exceptional experience in the anti-subversive fight against terrorism.

      To this end, I invite you all to pay a tribute to the memory of the Chouhada of national duty, who sacrificed themselves body and soul to preserve the republican character of the State and who succeeded, thanks to their determination and their will to overcome barbaric terrorism and to defeat its obscurantist projects. I would like to invite you to reflect on the purpose of their sacrifices, in order to continue the painstaking efforts to preserve the operational gains they made at a high cost.

      The stability and security that our country enjoys today are achievements that were not reached without effort, they are the fruit of a global vision of the security concept, adopted by the People’s National Army’s High Command, in accordance with the judicious orientations of the President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, and all that this vision carries in terms of deep strategy and farsightedness, whose persevering and successful implementation has guaranteed the Algerian people their right to live in absolute security and stability, and has confirmed to all, the attachment of the People’s National Army, worthy heir of the National Liberation Army, to assume its heavy and honourable responsibilities, in accordance with the institutional missions assigned to it”.

      For his part, Major General Ammar ATHAMNIA, Land Forces’ Commander, underlined the fact that the objectives set and expected from the execution of this exercise were achieved thanks to the discipline and seriousness that characterized our military formation:

      “The objectives set and expected from the execution of this exercise were achieved thanks to the discipline, seriousness and rigour that characterised the formation of our Land Forces, Infantry and Special Troops, and also thanks to their determination to put forward their capacities reflecting the deserved reputation of the Algerian fighter's competence, and to execute the assigned missions with efficiency and professionalism.

      This milestone will undoubtedly serve as a motivation for our various formations within the People's National Army to make more laborious efforts and continue doing their best to represent our Armed Forces and our country honourably in the various activities of military cooperation.

      In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere thanks and esteem to you Lieutenant General, for having presided over this ceremony. The effective and moral symbolic values carried out through the event are evidently important for the executives and personnel of our Armed Forces, who proved it through their positive participation in this joint tactical exercise”.

      At the end of the ceremony, the Lieutenant General saluted and congratulated all the members of this formation for their efforts.



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