Official Statement of MND
29th September 2021

2nd day of the visit of Lieutenant General, CHANEGRIHA Saïd, Chief of Staff of PNA in the 2nd Military Region, in Oran

      On the 2nd day of his working visit to the 2nd Military Region, the Lieutenant General, CHANEGRIHA Saïd, Chief of Staff of People's National Army, supervised the execution of a combined tactical exercise " RADAA 2021 " by units under the Western Maritime Façade at the level of the naval firing range of this Façade.

      This exercise is within the framework of the training of naval units and formations in combat actions close to real conditions, in addition to evaluating the degree of mastery of modern weapon systems and enabling naval formations, in particular submarine, to show their combat skills.

      At the beginning, the Lieutenant General followed a presentation on the general idea and the stages of the exercise, presented by the Commander of the West Maritime Façade, before inspecting, aboard a combat helicopter companied with the Major General Djamel HADJ LAROUSSI, Commander of the 2nd Military Region and the Major General Mahfoud BENMEDAH, Commander of the Naval Forces, the units participating in this exercise. Then, the Lieutenant General moved to the "Kalaat Beni Abbès" Command and Force Deployment Building, from where he supervised the conduct of this exercise which was punctuated by missile fire and torpedoes launched from the submarine "Djurdjura" against maritime objectives.


      The exercise was carried out successfully, the maritime objective having been destroyed with great precision. This success, the result of the crew's mastery of the various armaments and materials, confirms the development and operational readiness achieved by the units of our Naval Forces over the past few years.



      In the afternoon of the same day, the Lieutenant General went to the Cadets School of Oran where he met the cadets and delivered, for the occasion, an orientation speech, in the terms of which he expressed his satisfaction with the visit of this School, considered as a breeding ground for highly distinguished and qualified talents:

      “I am glad to visit the Nation’s Cadet School of Oran, to meet you Cadets. Indeed, our permanent concern is to surround you with all the attention and interest required, because we consider the Nation’s Cadet Schools as one of the most important components of our Training Apparatus, for which we are constantly working to improve their performance and adapt them to the evolutions of our time, especially as they constitute a real breeding ground for developing skills and perfecting acknowledgment and where imbued men and women are trained high patriotism and noble moral values, such as loyalty, integrity and discipline.

      We will ensure, as a High Command, to imbue these noble qualities in the minds of all personnel, with the objective of accomplishing more achievements, at all levels, in particular, in terms of development and rise in power of People's National Army, so that it is up to the sacred responsibility assigned to it, namely, to defend Algeria, to protect its borders and to preserve its territorial unity, in addition to overcoming the new security and national defence challenges”.


      The Lieutenant General urged the executives and teachers of the School to see in the cadets a moral responsibility and to take care to inculcate in them the various sciences and knowledge, to awaken in them the love of reading, perseverance, the sacralisation of work, rigor, integrity and discipline and to arouse in them the love of the homeland:

      "I urge executives and teachers, at the start of the 2021-2022 school year, to see in our younger children a moral responsibility and to inculcate them the various sciences and knowledge, to awaken in them the love of reading, perseverance, the sacralisation of work, rigor, integrity and discipline, to arouse in them the love of the homeland, the pride of belonging to People's National Army and the desire to make more efforts to obtain excellent academic results, like the honorary results recorded in recent years, and to contribute, each within the framework of their missions and within the limits of their prerogatives, to achieve the stated objectives ”.


      At the end, the Lieutenant General inspected the administrative and educational infrastructures, as well as the laboratories available to the School and gave, on this occasion, orientations and instructions relating to the need to preserve these modern amenities, equipment and teaching means.



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