Armed Forces

  • Air Forces
  • Naval Forces
  • Air Territory Defence Forces
  • National Gendarmerie
  • Republican Guard


  • Military Academy of Cherchell
  • Polytechnic Military School
  • High School of Military Administration
  • National Preparatory School to Engineering Studies
  • Nation's Cadets School

    Arms and Services

  • Intendancy
  • Materials
  • Signals
  • Infantry
  • Social Action
  • Engineering
  • Military Justice
  • Military Health
  • Fuel
  • Artillery
  • Armoured
  • Anti Aircraft Defence
  • Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare
  • Transport
  • Military Fabrications
  • Army's General Control
  • Special Forces
  • Information and Communication

    General Officiers

  • General

  • Lieutenant General

  • Major General

  • Brigadier General

    Field Officiers

  • Colonel

  • Lieutenant Colonel

  • Major

    Junior Officiers

  • Captain

  • Lieutenant

  • Second Lieutenant

  • Senior Officier

    Non-Commissionned Officiers

  • Master Sergeant

  • Sergeant First Class

  • Staff Sergeant

  • Sergeant


  • Lance Corporal

  • Corporal

  • Private Soldier

    Medal of wounded with mention

    Medal of wounded without mention

    First chevron medal

    Medal without chevron

    Second chevron medal

    Order of NLA

    Bravery Medal

    Medal of honor

    PNA Third Chevron Medal

    Medal of Merit

    Medal of the PNA participation in the middle-east wars 1967 and 1973

Dress uniform

    Winter dress uniform General Officer

    Summer dress uniform General Officer

    Winter dress uniform Field Officer

    Summer dress uniform Field Officer

    Winter dress
    Junior Officer

    Summer dress uniform
    Junior Officer

    Winter dress uniform Non-Commissioned Officer

    Summer dress uniform Non-Commissioned Officer

Battle Dress

    Multicolored battle dress Republican Guard

    Multicolored battle dress Special Troops

    Winter Multicolored
    battle dress

    Summer Multicolored battle dress

    Tank Driver suit

    Multicolored Windbreaker

Mess kit

    Field Officers Land Forces

    Trainee Officers Land Forces

    Trainee Officers Air Forces

    Trainee Officers Naval Forces

    Summer Parade uniform R-Guard

    Winter Parade uniform R-Guard

    Summer Bagpipe uniform R-Guard

    Winter Bagpipe uniform R-Guard