03rd August 2019

Open doors on Military Sports

      The kick-off of the 5th edition of the International Army Games, hosted, simultaneously, by Russia Federation and nine other countries, was held today, 03rd August 2019, and will last until the 17th of the current month. This international sport event is attended by (39) countries, including Algeria, which is taking part for the second consecutive time.


      It should be noted that our National Selection arrived on 29th July 2019 in Moscow, and moved to the city of Pskov, where it was received, the next day, by the chairman of the organizing committee, before the beginning of contests preparations of this decisive competition.



      It also should be noted that our National Selection participated for the first time in the previous edition, which ran from 28th July to 11th August 2018, and during which it received the special prize of combat and team spirit as a recognition of its remarkable path in that edition, as well as the positive and honourable results achieved, demonstrating the level improvement of our athletes during several world military competitions and thanks to the permanent support of the High Command of People's National Army.





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