19th August 2019

The 5th edition of International Army Games.. The national team comes back to the National Territory

      At the end of the 5th edition of the International Army Games, held from 03rd to 17th August 2019 in the Russian Federation, the national team came back, on 18th August 2019, to the national territory, where it was hosted, at the Air Base of Boufarik 1st Military Region, on behalf of the Lieutenant-General, Vice Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of People's National Army, by the Major General Cherif Zerrad, Chief of the Employment-Preparation Department of the PNA staff, in the presence of the high executives of the Ministry of National Defence.


      This international sporting event was attended by (29) countries including Algeria, which participated for the 2nd consecutive time, winning the 6th place in the discipline "Airborne Section" among 21 countries in race, and winning the special prize "the United Team Cup" on honour of his remarkable path in this edition.


      It also should be noted that our national team has been improved significantly compared to the previous edition, thanks to the permanent support of People's National Army's High Command to the military sport in all its disciplines, which allowed the achievement of honourable results in the several local and international competitions.



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