05th February 2019

Military Sports.. Competitions Closing of National Military Judo Cup

      The competitions of National Military Judo Cup were closed, today Tuesday, 05th February 2019, at the level of the Regional Military Sports Complex of the first Military Region.


      The competition which saw the participation of the teams of different Commands of Forces, Military Regions, important units and Military Schools, ended with the following results:

     Men's team:
  • 1- The 1st Military Region;
  • 2- The 2nd Military Region;
  • 3- The 4th Military Region;
  • 3- Command of National Gendarmerie


      Women's teams:
  • 1- Command of National Gendarmerie;
  • 2- School of Application of Navy Troops/5th MR;
  • 3- Naval Forces Command;
  • 3- School of Application Military Health Services.

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