20th January 2019

Military Sports.. Closing of National Championship competitions of the Military Quintuple

      The Military quintuple National Championship which took place at the sports hall of the Regional Sport Complex in Béchar/3rd MR, from 14th to 2th January 2019, was closed today, Sunday, 20th January 2019.


      This competition, which includes five sports specialties namely: obstacle swimming, semi-automatic rifle shooting, assault course, grenade throwing, and cross-country, knew the participation of 152 athletes representing 17 teams from different Forces Commands, Military Regions, great Units and Military Schools.

     This championship ended with the following results:

     Individual results:
  • 1st Place: the contracted Master Corporal Sadouki Abdelghani, from the 40th Mechanized Infantry Division/3rdMR;
  • 2nd Place: the contracted Lance Corporal Lafrad Omar/3rd MR;
  • 3rd Place: Contracted Lance Corporal Sebaa Gherouz/2nd MR.

     Team results:
  • 1st Place: The team of the 3rdMilitary Region;
  • 2nd Place: The team of the 2ndMilitary Region;
  • 3rd Place: The team of the 1st Military Region;
      The competition was closed by the medals ceremony.



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