24th Octobre 2019

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah presides the ceremony of the Final of the 47th edition of Algerian Military Football Cup

      On the occasion of the annual calendar closure of People's National Army sports activities 2018/2019, the Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Vice Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of People's National Army chaired, today 24th October 2019 at the Centre of Regrouping and Preparation of Military Sports Teams in Ben Aknoun/1st Military Region, the ceremony of the final of the 47th Edition of Algerian Military Football Cup.


    Before the kick-off of this meeting between the 1st Military Region selection and the National Gendarmerie, the Lieutenant General supervised the baptizing ceremony of the said Centre in the name of the valiant Chahid "Messaoud Boudjriou", in the presence of the family of Chahid honoured on this occasion.



    Then, the Lieutenant General attended, a global presentation by the Commander of the Centre, on the general balance of the Centre's activities and the state of the completed new sports infrastructures and those under construction. the High Command of People's National Army shows a special interest for these infrastructures by providing them with all modern sports equipment in accordance with international standards, and by gathering all necessary conditions for a good preparation of our military athletes and contributing to the achievement of excellent results nationally and internationally, which reflect the good reputation of military sport within People's National Army.


    Mr. Lieutenant General seized the opportunity the 65th anniversary eve of the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution of 1st November 1954 to recall the importance of anchoring the values and principles of the Glorious Revolution in the collective memory of the Algerian people and the imperative to take the example of the authors of this miraculous Revolution which proved and will, undoubtedly, prove again, that Algeria, which knew how to conquer yesterday the barbarian colonizer, will always know how to continue the course of its triumph and the way of its victory. The Lieutenant General indicated that the High Command ensures the provision of all the necessary material and human resources for the development of military sport, which contributed and still contributing to the achievement of great results in this field at national and international level.


    At the end of this meeting, the Lieutenant General gave the Cup to the players of the winner team.




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