05th March 2020

The People's National Army organizes the national military women's athletics meeting

      On the occasion of World Women's Day, coinciding with 8th March of each year, People's National Army organized this Thursday, 05thMarch 2020 at the Centre of Grouping and Preparation of Military Sports Teams of Ben Aknoun in Algiers the 11th Edition of the National Military Women's Athletics Meeting.


      This sporting event, which is organized within the framework of the increased interest granted by the High Command of People's National Army to the promotion and the development of female sport, was marked by the participation of the best female military athletes from different Forces Commands, Military Regions, Directorates of the Ministry of National Defence and training structures of People's National Army.


      This military national sporting event, which took place in good conditions, saw a strong presence of spectators, particularly the female gender, and was closed by the presentation of medals and gifts to the winners.


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