Mr. Major General AMMAR ATAMNIA

Major General Ammar ATAMNIA was born on the 1st July, 1950 in Haddada, Wilaya of Souk Ahras.

He obtained a military Diplomas : Basic Training, Airborne Instructor, Company Commander, Reconnaissance officer, Officer's Improvement Courses, Headquarters Courses and High Warfare Courses.

Major General Ammar ATAMNIA held several functions:

  • Airborne Battalion Commander/ 4th Military Region;
  • Para-Commando Regiment Commander / 4th Military Region;
  • Special Troops Division chief / LFC;
  • Special Troops Application School Commander / 4th Military Region;
  • 6th Military Region Chief-of-Staff;
  • 6th Military Region vice Commander;
  • 6th Military Region Commander;
  • 5th Military Region Commander.
  • He currently serves as the Land Forces Commander since the 17th March, 2020.

Major General Ammar ATAMNIA was promoted to the Rank of General in 2002 and to Major-General in 2006.

He was honored by a Medal of People's National Army 3rd Chevron, a Medal of Military Merit, a Medal of Honor and a Medal of Bravery of People's National Army.