Ceremony of students officers career graduation from the common basic military training for the academic year 2023/2024

Mister Major-General Salmi Bacha Commander of the Military Academy of Cherchell «the late president Houari Boumediene», supervised on November 20th, 2023, the graduation ceremony of the 17th promotion of students officers career of the basic and common military training...

National flag rising ceremony at the Land Forces Command on the eve of the celebration of the sixty-nine (69th) anniversary of the glorious liberation revolution outbreak

On the night of November the 1st 2023, MR. Major General Ammar ATAMNIA, Land Forces Commander, has supervised the ceremonies celebrating the memory of the outbreak of the November's 1st glorious revolution and the flag rising at the flag square of the Land Forces Command's Head-Quarters...

Mr. Major general Land Forces Commander chaired the ceremony of handing-over ranks and medals

As part of the ceremonies celebrating the sixty-nine (69) memory of the outbreak of the November's 1st glorious revolution, Mr. Major general, Ammar ATAMNIA Land Forces Commander, chaired on October 31th, 2023 the ceremony of handing-over ranks and medals...

Dr. Deliouah Abdelhamid animates a lecture entitled «People's dimension in the national movement and the liberation revolution»

Dr. Deliouah Abdelhamid, Professor of history at the University of Algiers 2, animated on October 30th, 2023 a lecture for the Land Forces Command's personnel at the conference room of the Head Quarter/LFC..