The national endurance competition The riders of the Republican Guard Command distinguished

The Equestrian Pilot Farm Chaouchaoua located in Tiaret host, during the 5th and 6th November 2021, the national endurance competition, with the participation of many sports clubs.

Celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution outbreak

Similar to the other Force Commands of the People’s National Army, the Republican Guard Command celebrated the 67th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution outbreak (November 1st, 1954 – November 1st, 2021), by developing and executing a rich program of activities which aims to immortalize the greatness...

The organization of the national military chess championship “Male, Female” for the 2021/2022 sport season at the Republican Guard Command

Within the framework of the execution of the annual program of national and international military sport activities of the year 2021/2022, approved by the People’s National Army High Command, the Republican Guard Command held the national military chess championship, during the period from 17th to 21th October 2021,...

The Republican Guard Command organizes the Military Numerical Race of 2020-2021

In implementation of the annual program of nationals and internationals military sport activities of 2021/2022, approved by the High Command of People's National Army and like the other Force Commands, the number race took place on October 07th, 2021, at the Headquarter of the Republican Guard Command. The kick-off was given by Mister-Major General, Inspector of the Republican Guard.