National Military Taekwondo Championship 2022/2023, The Republican Guard Command organizes the event and wins the trophy

In execution of the annual program of national and international military sports activities for the year 2022/2023, approved by Mister the General, Chief of Staff of the National Popular Army, the Republican Guard Command organized the National Military Taekwondo Championship "Male and Female" ...

Celebration of the (68th) anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Liberation Revolution

Following the example of the different Forces Commands, the Republican Guard Command celebrated the (68th) anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Liberation Revolution (01 November 1954 - 01 November 2022), by elaborating and executing a program, rich in events, in order to immortalize the greatness of our Glorious Revolution and to inculcate the noble values of November to our personnel...

The organization of military numerical challenge of 2022/2023 by The Republican Guard Command

In the context of the implementation of the annual program of nationals and internationals military sports activities of 2022/2023, approved by the High Command of the People’s National Army, and like the different Command Forces, the Kick-off of the military Numerical challenge was given by Mister the Brigadier General, the Republican Guard Command Schools division chief, on October 06th, 2022,...

Opening of the combat preparation year 2022/2023 at the Republican Guard Command

In implementation of the annual directive of forces preparation, emanating from the High Command of the National Popular Army, Mister General, Commander of the Republican Guard presided, on October 04th, 2022, the opening ceremony of the year of preparation for combat of the of the Republican Guard Command for the year 2022/2023, at the level of the Special Intervention Regiment Chahid "DJAD Boualem" located in Khemisti, under the slogan "availability, competence and combative capacity", with the participation of all structures and units of the Republican Guard Command.