The General Ben Ali Ben Ali was born on 06 January 1940, in Tirni Sabdou/Tlemcen.

The General is married with 06 children.

The General received a special military training at the Military College in Egypt, where he obtained the diploma of special military studies in 1964, to continue his military training in the former Soviet Union, and then he obtained the diploma of high studies for tactical command officer of the land artillery in 1971.

The General also obtained a diploma of bachelor’s degree in law, option Jurisdiction.

The General got several ranks and held various functions during his career, where he was promoted to:

  • Lieutenant, on 01 November 1962;
  • Captain, on 19 June 1972;
  • Major, on 01 November 1981;
  • Lieutenant/Col, on 01 November 1987;
  • Colonel, on 01 November 1990;
  • Brigadier General, on 05 July 1993;
  • Major General, on 05 July 2001;
  • Lieutenant General on 05 July 2015.
  • General on 02 July 2020.

The General has been appointed head of Joint Services Division of Ministry of National Defence in 01 July 1989, and defence attaché in Cairo /Egypt in 1996. Then he has been charged of the command of the 6th Military Region in 2001 and the 5th Military Region in 2005 until 2015, when he was assigned the task of leading the Republican Guard till now.

The General was awarded the three chevron medals, first, second and third of National People’s Army, as well as the medal of Merit, Medal of Honor, the Medal of injured without citation in the army order, and the medal of bravery.