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The creation of command school and staff emits the reflects of the supreme leadership of the National People’s Army to put in a high and effective place a military formation institute, moreover ; the concentration of this school near the high school of war and the naval high school gives a privilege and pole of excellence in the field of effective military formation .

The command and staff school is a distinctive tactical military training tool ,equipped with qualified teachers, with a modern pedagogical material able to give courses of command and major staff (various weapons) . And the creation of an appropriate framework of the preparation of the officers in the NPA , who will occupy tactical level leadership positions and work within the structure of the staff with tactical and operational levels.


The command and staff school performs the functions of ensuring high-military education for the officers of the land forces and other NPC for the officers , and by contributing to the development of tactical and operational research and studies .

Training Levels

The school provides military staff and command training for officers in differents arms of land forces, the various structures of the National People's Army and officers from friendly countries.

The duration of the training for one (01) year, during which trainees develop their theoretical and practical knowledge through courses, practical exercises, workshops, seminars... closed with a year-end dissertation by each trainee. At the end of the training, each trainee must have his final exam for the staff and command diploma.



1-Logistic support room

The logistic support room is directed destined to facilitate the good understanding for officers about the driving cycle of logistic insurance matters , execution of theoretical and practical lessons about organization and execution of logistic support of different levels and combat types .

2-Fire support, aerial protection and electronic warfare room

This room is equipped with requisites, to prepare officers on leadership and staff work and gives them theoretical and practical methods and methods of insurance of ground battle in term of fire support, aerial protection and electronic warfare .

3-Engineering insurance hall

To develop and elaborate the theoretical and practical knowledge for the trainee officers in the engineering insurance issues , and give them methods and engineering insurance techniques, acquisition of skills and learning the systematic methods and implementation of various engineering insurance functions.

4-Hall of organization of cooperation

This hall has been allocated to :

  • practice organization of cooperation and manage the combat battle .
  • give theoretical lessons during the execution of general complex case in the collapse battle
  • acquire practical (applied) experience in the execution of staff exercises using symbols on the incarnate manually and electrically

5-Leadership and control room/hall

The room is designed to train officers on the complex control issues of units and formations (battalion, regiment, brigade and squad ).

6-Exploration room

The reconnaissance and foreigners armies room is intended to deepen the knowledge of the trainee officers about the organization and the execution of the tactical recognition and teach them the collection cycle, treatment and analyzation of the information during different tactical exercises .

7-Tactical room/hall :The general in the defense of the sea cost

This room is destined to deepen the knowledge of the trainee officers on the organization on interarms cooperation and execution of encounter combat of coast, and teach them the practical and theoretical collection cycle during the execution of exercises , treatment and analysis of information’s during different tactical exercises .

8-Training method hall

Used to raise the education and the pedagogical level of the trainee officers, to make them enable to control the bases of military training planning, preparation and formalization of training documents in units and major units .


The school HAS :

  • an Auditorium with capacity of 420 seats.
  • Two amphitheaters which contain 160 seats of each.
  • Three amphitheaters contain 80 seats of each.
  • Two language labs , and two informatics labs.
  • a lab of communication’s techniques teaching




The documentation office contains a library and a printer:


the library contains:

  • full and rich documents of different specialties (military, politic, geo, history , strategy, sociology, informatics, psychology, and many references and also military magazines ).
  • reading room.
  • patrol room.
  • internet room.

The printing center contains:

  • printing room.
  • copying room.
  • scanning room.
  • bookbinding room.
  • art and info graphics room.




The school offers a pleasant living environment for trainees, with individual rooms that have all the amenities including TV and computer connected to the intranet.