Officers :

Recruitment is open to candidates holding a baccalaureate of the current year with a general average of at least 12/20 in the following series: experimental sciences, mathematics, mathematical techniques (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, engineering processes).

Training duration: Five (05) years:

- One (01) year of basic common military training;
- Three (03) years of university training attested by an academic license diploma in (energy mechanics, electronics, computer science) at the Military Academy of Cherchell « The deceased president Houari Boumediene »;
- One (01) year of application in one of the following schools:

  • Infantry Higher School,Chahid DJELLOUL Abidat, B.P : 10 Z, Sidi yahia-Cherchell/Tipaza;
  • Special Troops Higher School, Chahid Mustapha Khoja alias « Si Ali » BP 132/ Biskra;
  • Armour Higher School, Chahid KADRI Mohamed, BP 78 /Batna;
  • Branch School of Field Artillery,Chahid ACHOUR Mustapha, BP 700 Boussaâda/M'Sila;
  • Branch School of Counter-Aircraft Defence, Chahid CHENINE Kaddour, BP 310/ Laghouat;
  • Branch School of Enginners, Chahid Larbi Touati BP 75/ Béjaia;
  • Branch School of Transportation and Traffic, Chahid LOUADJ Mohamed, known as « Commandant Faradj » BP 371 El Kifane/Tlemcen.

N.B: For Officer candidates who wish to join the Special Troops' Arm, the deposit of the files and the preselection will be done at the level of the Special Troops Higher School « Chahid Mustapha Khoja alias Si Ali » in Biskra.

Non-commissioned contractual officers:
Training duration and files deposit place:
1) Interarms of the Land Forces:

One (01) year at the National NCO Training « Chahid Hasrouri El Aiche » in Khenchela, followed by a (01) year of specialisation in the Higher or Application Schools mentioned above and in the School of Infantry Cadres « Chahid Ben Taieb Mohammed » in Sidi Bel-Abbès.

2) Arm of Special Troops:

Two (02) years at the Special Troops Higher School « Chahid Mustapha Khoja alias Si Ali » in Biskra.

3) Armored and Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare arms:

Two (02) years at the Armour Higher School « Chahid Mohamed Kadri » in Batna.

Contractual Ranks Men:
Training duration:

Six (06) months for the Corporals and five (05) months for the Djounoud.

Files deposit place:
  • School of Commando and Parachutist Initiation, Chahid Derbel M'barek BP 511 Ksar El-Bokhari/Media;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry, Chahid Nail Ali /BP 80, Mouillah-Djelfa;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry, chahid Gheziel Dahou /BP 80, Arzew-Oran;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry, Chahid Barkat Boujemaa /BP 01 Abadla/Bechar;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry,Chahid Nafaa Brahim /BP 578 Aflou/ Laghouat;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry, Chahid Kaddoudj Ahmed /BP 07 Ain-Arnat/Setif;
  • Instruction Center of Infantry,Chahid Sbabkhi Mohamed Ain Mguel/ Tamanrasset;
  • Instruction center of Counter-Aircraft Defense Chahid Touati Ahmed, BP 12,Laghouat;
  • Instruction Center of Field Artillery Chahid Achour Mustapha / BP 700 Bousaada/ Msila;
  • Instruction Center of Engineers Chahid Bachir Touati BP 482/Bejaia;
  • Instruction Center of Armored weapons Chahid Mebarkia Messaoud BP 552 Batna;
  • Instruction center of special troops, Chahid Benchaib Mohamed.Said BP 132/Biskra;
  • Center 551 of specialized instruction of transportation BP 746/M'sila;
  • Center 552 of specialized instruction of transportation, Chahid Rghiba Elghali BP El-Ghomri Mohammadia/Mascara;
  • Center 555 of specialized instruction of transportation Chahid Ben Akcha Mahmoud BP 349/Oum El-Bouaghi;
  • Center of divisional instruction of Dhaya, Chahid Debeche Abderrahmane BP 280 M Barika/Batna;
  • Center of divisional instruction Chahid Ghouti Semar BP 170 Ras EL MA/Sidi belabes;
  • Center of divisional instruction of Taadmait BP01 Djelfa;
  • Center of divisional instruction BP89 of Hassi El HOUARI/Bechar.