Official Statement of MND
03rd July 2022

Baptizing of People's National Army’s Units on the names of the Glorious November Revolution’s Chouhada

      In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of our Independence Day and recovery of our precious national sovereignty, and in execution of the instructions of the People's National Army’s High Command, Major General Ali Sidane, 1st MR Commander supervised, Friday, July 01st, 2022, the baptizing ceremony of the National Service Centre of Blida / 1st MR in the name of Chahid Chabane Mohamed, and the Equipment Maintenance and Repair Establishment in the name of Chahid Raoui Mohamed.


      Similarly, Major General Djamel Hadj Laarousi, 2nd MR Commander, supervised, on Thursday June 30th, 2022, the baptizing ceremony of the Ministerial Establishment of General Ammunition Reserve in the name of the late Moudjahid Ben Feta Mohamed.


      Major General AJROUD Mohamed, 6th MR Commander supervised as well, on Thursday, June 30th, 2022, the christening ceremony of the 610th Company of the Headquarters of the Sixth Detection and Control Radar Brigade, in the name of the late Moudjahid “Guaouguaoua Amhamed”.


      On the other hand, Major General SMAALI Mustapha, 3rd Military Region’s Commander, supervised, on Sunday July 03rd, 2022, the baptizing ceremony of the regional pay centre / 3rd MR, in the name of Chahid “ABROUD Ghazi”.


      The festivities took place with the presence of officers, executives, as well as local authorities. By the end of each ceremony, symbolic gifts were given to the families of the Chouhada and the late Moujahedin.


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