28th June 2022

Promotions’ graduation.. The School of Command and General Staff celebrates the graduation of its 50th promotion

      Within the framework of promotions’ graduation from various schools and training structures of People's National Army, Major General Ammar Atamnia, Commander of Land Forces, chaired today, Tuesday 28th June 2022, the graduation ceremony of the 50th promotion of Command and General Staff, at the level of the School of Command and General Staff - Chahid Hamouda Ahmed called Si Lhaouas - in Tamentfoust/1st MR.


      The ceremony took place in the presence of military authorities, executives and professors of the School as well as the family of the Chahid “Djeldjelani Mohamed” whose promotion had the honour of bearing the name.


      At the end, a tribute was paid to the family of the Chahid.



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