28th June 2022

The National Preparatory School for Engineering Studies.. The 21st promotion strengthens the PNA ranks

      Within the framework of the graduation of the newest promotions, the National Preparatory School for Engineering Studies “Chahid Badji Moukhtar” in Rouiba/1st MR celebrates today, Tuesday 28th June 2022, the graduation of its 21st promotion of Officer students, after a first cycle university degree and a certificate of success in military education and training.


      The graduation ceremony was supervised by Major General HASNAT Belkacem, interim Chief of the Employment-Preparation Department of the People's National Army’s General Staff, who named the promotion on the name of Chahid “Rakoua Djeloul” with the presence of military authorities, executives and teachers from the school as well as representatives of the national media and the family of the Chahid who were honoured for the occasion.



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