Central Logistic Base El Chahid Mohamed Saoudi "Si Mustapha"

Mission of the Company
The Central Logistic Base is a public sector establishment that both industrial and commercial role. Its main mission consist in providing technical and lpgistics support to the battle corps, by caring out the repair, renovation, up grading and modernization of their combat equipment. In complementary mission, the Central Logistic Base provides support of both private and public companies, in terms of spare parts manufacturing and rehabilitation of strategic equipments, as well as, offshore maintenance, for the benefit of battle group units.

Crude Foudry
Based on the sand casting, this process allows the manufacture of products: Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Bronze, Brass.

Rough Forge
Production of parts by forging process :
  • Free forging of parts in limited copies or in small series ;
  • Stamping parts in medium and large series.

Different Machining machines with numeric control
  • Machining group with numeric control for high capacity 5 axis ;
  • Driller with numeric control;
  • Driller group with numeric control.

Manufacture of parts in small or medium series from:
  • Rolled products: Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper…) ;
  • Products frome the forge;
  • Products from the foundry.

Heat Treatment
Heat treatment in furnaces ad quench tanks of all cast forged or machined parts.

Surface Treatment
Superficial treatment of various parts following a treatment chain including:
  • Coppering;
  • Nickelage ;
  • Chroming ;
  • Zincking ;
  • Hard Chromium plating.

Analysis, Testing, and Quality Control
  • Material Analysis (Chemical, Spectropic ) Mechaical Testing;
  • Control of the parts resulting from the manufacture according to their technical files;
  • Control and testing of products from renovation chains.

  • Repair of machinery and electromechanical equipment ;
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic machine repairs; electronic items ;
  • Renovation of the means of energy production.

Rehabilitation of strategic Equipment
  • Repair of steam and gas turbines;
  • Compressor Repair;
  • Repair of the pumps;
  • Repair of electric motors for medium voltage and medium voltage ;
  • Machining medium and large parts.

Various Cutting Machines
  • Water jet cutting machine ;
  • Machine Laser Cutting ;
  • Plasma Cutting Machine ;

Framework and Boilemakinge

  • Manufacturing and repair of framework elements ;
  • Manufacturing of framework elements ;
  • Manufacturing of safety equipment ;
  • Equipments and, organs of machines repair ;
  • Manufacturing of safe cabinet and safe deposit box.

Printed Circuit Manufacturing and Implementation of Mounting
In order to meet our maintenance and modernization needs and to avoid the purchase of increasingly expensive electronic cards, the EPIC-BCL is committed to producing a turnkey printed circuit laboratory. This project, which can only be beneficial, is based essentially on the mixed (chemical-mechanical) method.

Flexibles Manufacturing
This structure has the capacity to manufacture several types of flexible taking into account the following characteristics:
  • The desirable pressure should not exceed 1300 bars. because of the test bench put at our disposal;
  • The crimping diameter must not exceed 100mm;
  • The screw-driving machine cannot exceed a diameter of 2 ''.

Contact de l'établissement
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