Mechanical Construction Establishment of Khenchela

Mission of the Establishment
This facility is responsible of manufacturing, marketing of firearms, weapons assemblies and sub-assemblies, machining parts, and forging as well as study and development of these products.

Products and services offered

  • Pistol 7.62 mm caliber;
  • Shotgun Rifle 7.62mm Caliber;
  • Semi-automatic pistol 9 mm caliber;
  • Pump Shotgun 12 mm;
  • Pomegranate Spear Gun 37/38 mm;
  • Signaling gun, 26 mm caliber;
  • Tools and Spare Parts

Contact of the Establishement
  • Adress: EPIC-ECC Road of CHEBLI BABA ALI/Algiers

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax:

  • E-mail: