High School of Military Administration

     Historical overview of the school :

  • Created in 1968 at Beni Messous, ALGIERS; it carried the name of "The Military Administration School" (SMA) ;
  • In 1971, it was amalgamated with the Technical School of Formation and Support, located in EL HARRACH ;
  • Transferred on the curent site in 1975 ;
  • Named in 1979, "Military School of the Logistics Administration" (M.S.L.A) ;
  • In 1982, it takes the name of the High School of Military Administration ;
  • In 1991, it carries the denomination of the Application School of Military Administration ;
  • At the end, and in 2008, the school is reconverted into the High School of Military Administration ;
  • On mars 19th ,2014 the school was named after the Moudjahid Dead AKHAMOKH el Hadj Moussa.


     Situated in new city from the city of Oran to the west of Algeria, the high school of Military Administration is an establishment of superior training depending on DCI/MDN. The school offers a training of Military Administration.
  • Address : BP 31065 Center Ahmed MEDAGHRI new city Oran ;
  • Tel : ;
  • Fax : ;
  • E-mail :


     Living environment within the school :
     By the diversity of its pedagogy structures , the High School of Military Administration has a setting of life offring all the necessary conforts to the pupils in the exercise of their daily activities .
  • Room of movies ;
  • Room of sport ;
  • Room of TV ;
  • Library ;
  • Cyber ;
  • Rooms of course ;
     The students also benefit during their studies from a progressif pre salary and laptops.

     The training within the school :
     The High School of Military Administration ensured following trainings :
  • A university training in military administration for the officer cadets of career and the training officers ;
  • The course of perfection officer ;
  • Formations of specialisation, reconversion or adapted to the needs of the Defense Department structures ;
  • Military formation with the officer cadets of the quota ;
  • The advanced courses intended for the officers of career in military administration ;
  • The preparatory courses to the admission at the immediately higher stage of formation by correspondence ;
  • Taking part in the follow-up in units of the officers ;
  • Undertaking studies of reflection on the questions of military administration.


Training facilities