Superior School of Material

     Historical overview:
     The Superior School of Material is one of the first military schools in Algeria created just after the independence. Founded in 1963, the School was inaugurated on February, 19th in 1966 under the name of "Material Staff School" by the deceased President Houari Boumediène, President of the revolutionary council at that time. Since its creation, the School has undergone many restructurings due to the development of the training system. As a result, several denominations were granted to the school, namely:
  • 1971:School of Technical and Administrative Formation of Logistic;
  • 1974: Application school of Logistical services;
  • 1976: Superior School of Support;
  • 1979: Superior School of Logistic;
  • 1981: Superior School of Material;
  • 1991: Application School of Material;
  • 2008: Superior School of Material;
  • 2015: Superior School of Material, the deceased Mudjahid «El-Cheikh Amoud Ben El-Mokhtar».

     Geographical location :
      The Superior School of Material is located in "Beau Lieu" city between the two municipally of "El-Harrach" and "Oued Smar" in the south-east of Algiers, eight (08) kilometers away from "Houari Boumediene" International Airport and about ten (10) kilometers from the center of the capital.
El Harrach is known with several activities, especially in industry and trading. Thus, The Superior School of Material has a very important geographical location, in the middle of scientific and technological pole among the biggest national schools and universities:
  • National Polytechnic School;
  • National Preparatory school of engineering studies/1st R.M;
  • National School of Veterinary Sciences;
  • Military Polytechnic School/ Bordj El Bahri/1st R.M;
  • University of Science and Technology "Houari Boumediene";
  • National Superior School of Computer Sciences;
  • National Superior School of Agriculture.

      The Superior school of material ensures many kind of formation in technical and logistical fields in several levels for the personal of the Central Direction of Material, different commandments of People's National Army forces, Directorates and Services of Ministry National Defense and also for foreign trainees from Arabic and African countries. The other missions of the Superior School of Material are: organizing seminars; conferences; practical trainings; contests and also preparing various technical studies for the Central Directorate of Material.

Officer's military trainings:
  • Command and staff courses;
  • Improvement courses;
  • Specialization courses (Application).

University high training level:
  • Training officers to acquire Master degree (LMD) in the following specialties (Moto propulsion set, Pyrotechnic and propulsion, Optoelectronic, Logistical Management, Energy and Petroleum products , Automobile electric systems, Thermal impulsion machines , Maintenance management.
  • Training Students Officers to acquire License degree (LMD) in the following fields (Tracked Vehicles, Rolled Vehicles, Optoelectronic, Shooting Guiding systems, Pyrotechnic and propulsion, Thermal impulsion machines, Fuel systems, Materials resources management )

Basic and specialized military training of Contingents student's Officers
Non-commissioned Officers training:
  • Professional Military Certificate (2nd degree) and 1st degree;
  • Professional Military Certificate (1st degree) and 1st degree and trainers.

Non-commissioned Officers Students training:
      In order to acquire a 2nd degree professional Military certificate Non-commissioned Officers Students must finish a military and specialized training for two (02) years in one of the following specialties:
  • Mechanic of Tracked Vehicles;
  • On Board Shooting systems;
  • Electricity of Tracked Vehicles;
  • Shooting Missiles systems;
  • Radar Shooting Systems;
  • Fuel Systems;
  • Machinery and Public Works

The school is provided with an important "infrastructure and material" pedagogical base which allows training programs execution in best conditions.
  • Laboratories and workshops;
  • Specialized and ordinary halls;
  • Sports hall, soccer field and swimming pool;
  • Driving circuit;
  • Shooting range.
  • Real materials;
  • Subassemblies and organs;
  • Models and didactic tools;
  • Simulators.
The school has a rich library, internet and intranet networks.