Higher School of Transmissions

     Location :

     The city of koleais a municipality of the wilaya of Tipaza, located 42 km to the west of Algiers, with a population of 54401 inhabitants and covers an area of 38.30 km².

     School history:

  • In August 1956, creation of the first school in the city of Nador in Morocco to strengthen the National LiberationArmyby specialists in transmissions ;
  • In 1958,creation of a second school in Tunis ;
  • In 1963, creation of the military signal schoolin BeniMessousfor the trainingof the operators and the technicians in military transmissions thenitstransfer to Bouzareah ;
  • In 1973, the militarysignal schoolbecameschool of application of the transmissions ensured the of the first promotion of the officers of the transmissions ;
  • In 1975, school of application of the transmissions became the higherschool of transmissions ;
  • In 1977, the higherschool of transmissions ensured training for the first class of officers in improvement course, specialty''military transmissions'';
  • In 1986, the relocation of the school to the city of Koleaat the former site of the National School of Cadets of the Revolution;
  • In 1989, the school provided training for the first class of the StaffofficersCourse, in speciality military transmissions ;
  • In 1991, the schoolbecame the school of application of the transmissions and this, in accordance with the presidential decree ;
  • In 1996, the school of application of the transmissions took charge of the application course in military transmissions for the benefit of active officersstudentswho have successfullycompleted basic military training at the former Inter-Armed Forces MilitaryAcademy/ Cherchell;
  • In 2003, the schoolprovided training for the first class ''special training'' ;
  • In 2004, the schoolprovided training of the first class of active officers in the course of application, speciality''electronicwarfare'' and afterin the improvement courseand the Staff officers Coursein''electronic warfare'' ;
  • In october 2008, the school of transmissions became a higherschool of transmissions under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


     Missions of the Higher School of Transmissions :
  • Provide the command and staff course for career officers ;
  • Provide the Course of improvement officer to career officers ;
  • Provide specialization training in ‘’transmissions’’, ‘’electronic warfare’’ and ‘’Information and Command Systems’’ for careerofficerswho have successfully completed basic training ;
  • Provide for the training of active officer students recruted on title ;
  • Provide training for contingent officers ;
  • Provide a license training with continuous military training for active officer students recruited by direct way ;
  • Provide the training of the master of the LMD system for the benefit of the officers who have obtained the irlicense.


Training facilities