Official Statement of MND
23rd August 2021

The international military dog-training competition "True Friend 2021" .. Launch of the individual biathlon event

      The international military Dog-training competition started today, Monday, August 23rd, 2021 in Algiers by the individual biathlon event at the annex of Breeding and Training Center of the National Gendarmerie of Baïnem-1st Military Region, under the supervision of the National Gendarmerie’ Commander, with the presence of the Head of the Military Sports Services from the PNA’s staff Department of Employment and Preparation, the heads of foreign delegations and military executives.

      This race has seen the participation of three (03) female’s teams, namely the national military team, the Russian team and the Uzbek team having covered a distance of 2400 meters, as well as five (05) men's teams, namely, our national military team, the Russian team, the Belarusian team, the Uzbek team and the Vietnamese team having covered a distance of 3200 meters.



      The individual biathlon included two steps for rifle shooting in standing and prone position. This biathlon requires a great deal of concentration.


      It should be noted that the first day was marked by great competitiveness between the participating teams, where members of our national elite have shown their high determination in achieving very honorable results.


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