Official Statement of MND
25th August 2021

Continuity of the international military dog-training competition "True Friend 2021" with the Jumping Race

      The international military dog-training competition "True Friend-2021", organised in Algeria, continued today, Wednesday, August 25th, 2021, with the obstacles’ jumping event at the Military sports’ teams Regrouping and Preparation centre - "Chahid Messaoud BouDjriou" in Ben Aknoun - 1st Military Region. The event was supervised by the Head of the Military Sports Service of the PNA staff Department of Employment and Preparation, with the presence of heads of foreign delegations and military executives.


      Took part in this 300 meters distance event, three (03) female’s teams: The national military team, the Russian team and the Uzbek team, and (05) men's teams representing the national military team, the Russian team, the Belarusian team, the Uzbek team and the Vietnamese team.


      The jumping competition involves a dog-trainer duet team and is based on the harmony between both during the different stages of the contest, such as the wall obstacle, climbing up and down the ladder, throwing a grenade, crawling under an armoured vehicle, passing an obstacle and jumping into the pool.



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