Official Statement of MND
18th February 2021

Sports competitions on the occasion of the World Military Sports Day - Friendship through Sport

     Within the framework of the annual sports activities of the People's National Army, the different central structures, the various forces Commands and Military Regions, the Great Units and Training Establishments of the PNA hosted, on Thursday, February 18th, 2021, sports competitions on the occasion of the World Military Sports Day "Friendship through Sport", coinciding with the anniversary of the creation of the International Military Sports Council.


     The official kick-off of this event was given at the Military Academy of Cherchell - 1st Military Region, by the Commander of the Academy, with the presence of the Head of the Military Sports Service of the Employment-Preparation Department of the PNA General Staff. An event that was marked by a large participation of both sexes and a spirit of high-level competitiveness between competitors of different age groups, reflecting the great interest shown by the High Command of the PNA in the practice of sports within its ranks, in order to improve the physical condition and sporting abilities of its personnel.


     By the end of the competitions, medals and prizes were awarded to the candidates who distinguished themselves during this event.




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