02nd september 2021

Participation of the National Military Team in the International Military Games 2021 in Russia

      Within the framework of the participation of the national military team in the International Military Games, 2021 edition, for the fourth consecutive time in the discipline "airborne division", organized in the Russian federation, from August 22nd to September 02nd, 2021, the national military team showed a strong determination and a great will as it won the fourth place on the podium behind the Russian selection who won the first place, respectfully followed by China and Kazakhstan in second place and the Belarusian selection in third.



      These games constituted a highly competitive playing atmosphere. The first stage included parachute jumping, grouping at a specific zone and a marathon over a 10kms distance, while the second stage consisted in an individual race on an armoured vehicle with shooting exercises. The third stage involved a relay race between the groups in the section, followed by individual firearms and rocket launcher shooting and an orientation race. The fourth and last stage included precision jumping and hand-to-hand combat.




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