« Chahid Mohamed Kadri » 5th MR

The ESAB is one of the pillars of the Land Forces in general, and that of the armoured arm in particular, the EAAB was built in 1963 under the name of the National School of the Armoured Arms and the Cavalry, on the site named "park of drilling". In 1970, it gathered the following Arms :

  • Armoured;
  • Mechanised infantry;
  • Anti-aircraft defence;
  • Engineers;
  • Artillery;
  • Transportation.

In 1975, it becomes the Branch School of the Arms of Combat, by maintaining the same arms mentioned above and which separated from it later :

  • In 1979 the arm of transport;
  • In 1982 the arm of artillery and defence against aircraft;
  • In 1983 the arm of engineers of combat;
  • In 1990 the arm of mechanised infantry.

In 1991, by virtue of a decree, the school takes again its original function (training of the armoured arms officers) under the name of the Branch School of the Armoured Arms.

In 1995, EAAB occupies its new site with 04 Kms (Chaabete Oueled Chlih) in the South-west of the Centre of the town of BATNA.


Since 1991 EAAB ensures :

A specialised training for the officers, for the active and reserve non commissioned officers of the armoured arms.

Provide a training of the troupe's ranks men (French acronym: HDT) in the following specialities:

  • Pilots and gunners of tank;
  • Chargers tanks;
  • Heads of teams and acrobats.


  • Advanced course ;
  • branch Course ;
  • Professional Military Patent 2nd degree ;
  • Professional Military Patent 1st degree ;
  • Professional Military Certificate 2nd degree ;
  • Professional Military Certificate 1st degree ;
  • Reserve officers ;
  • Non commissioned officers of Reserves .


The EAAB is equipped with enormous modern means of teaching sophisticated adaptable with the requirements of development.
Quoting the DEGS which has rooms specialised in the teaching of the matters of shootings armament and ammunition by exploiting simulators and models of various apparatuses to help the trainee to assimilate the courses quickly.