16th March 2021

People's National Army Units named after the Moudjahedin and Chouhada of the Glorious Revolution of November

      Within the framework of the baptism of infrastructures and sites under the Ministry of National Defence and on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the Victory Day 19th March 1962, the Major General SIDANE Ali, Commander of the 1st Military Region, has supervised, today Tuesday 16th March 2021, the baptizing ceremonies of the Operational Sector of Bouira headquarters/1st MR and the 135th Long Range Artillery Regiment headquarters in Sidi Aissa, wilaya of M'sila/1st MR, respectively, in the names of the Chahid “Hamdaoui Hamidou”, and the late Moudjahid “Amari Mohamed”.


      These ceremonies saw the presence of officers and executives, as well as local authorities, alongside the families of the Chouhada who were honoured on the occasion.



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